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[IMG=Z6C] So in an interview YG entertainment express interest in Zico , which is really exciting BUT! And I do mean a big BUT he best be interested in Block B too, I know this may not change anything but is they do talk more and go to change he best bring the rest of the block b boys! There is no way in heck that I will deal with Zico leaving block b. No I can not handle that at all! I may be over thinking this, but I can't handle if they ever disbanded. I really can't, they mean so much to me. They taught me to not care what other think, to be your dorky self and just have fun. That its okay to make fun of yourself. I really couldn't handle that. Again I'm sure I'm just over thinking this. It's just talk. But If YG does take all the block b boys then I'll be happy! Cause they will still be together and I think they would have a lot of fun there. But then again seven season been good to them and I don't think they leave but who knows. They can switch companies all they want just as long as they are together. I'll be happy. Again it's just talk about being interested in Zico. But sill this was my thought if it became more then talk. Here the link. Wow one little word about this and I freak out like he gonna leave. 😳😳 but still I stand by what I said.