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K.Will's music video for 'Please Don't' needs to be a drama.

It stars:

Seo in Guk as the lead male.

Kim Dasom as the lead girl.

Ahn Jae Hyun as the best friend.

Watch it below and prepare to have your heart broken.

OMG. I at the end I was like, "Oh he wanted the girl" BUT THEN......BOOM he puts the picture together so him and his bff are together and im like: "OHHHHHH MYYY GODDDDDD HERE IS MY MONEYYY MAKE THISSSSS"
I didn't know I wanted this until now. I would watch it. Why hasn't it happened yet. Also I loved the song and MV.
Gawd don't kill me!!! The feels are resurfacing 😒😒
OMG.... I They really do need to make a drama out of this ASAP. Please. Directors of the K-Drama world, please make a drama out of this.
Plot twist and feels explosion. I agree let's make it a drama! Two of my favorite actors I love it! πŸ’•
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