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I don't care if it's family game night I WANT TO WIN.

Are you the person in your family that holds grudges over Apples to Apples? Do you get angry when someone screws you over in Monopoly?
Has Mario Party ended a few of your friendships?
You may be a highly competitive person.
My friends and I played all kinds of games: Cards Against Humanity, Mario Party, Monopoly and even obscure zombie slaying ones. We don't mess around.

When game night comes around everyone wants you on their team because're the best.

And when people ask you why you're the best, you attribute it to your competitive spirit. Because competition is everything.

If it's a game like Cards Against Humanity or Apples to have a strategy. know your best friend has dry humor on lock, so you know what card to play. The dude next to you likes dirty jokes...etc. You are a sponge, and you absorb your competition like water.

In fact, every game has a strategy.

Mario Party, Monopoly, whatever...all is fair in competition.

When it comes to're always taking risks.

If I must sacrifice all my capitol to buy Park Place...SO BE IT!
People think you're crazy, but most of the time it pays off.

And he who DARES cross your path in Mario Party will most likely meet their demise, one way or another.

Seriously though. Friendships will end.

And if you're playing one of those dumb partner games, you will tell your "friend" when they're not pulling their weight.

Seriously? You can't press the A button faster? Jesus.

It's not just really like to win.

What's wrong with that?

And you're good at it.

In all honesty, winning is the best.

Everyone loves it!

And yes...sometimes you go overboard and get too competitive.

But getting pissed off is part of winning. You gotta want it!

Just remember that you're part of an elite group of people who love winning above all else. And try to meet others half way.

NAH who am I keep on winning!

You're a superstar.

Winning is no joke.
You go!
if your not first your
Omg, I'm not competitive at all when it comes to games. I always quit while I'm ahead because I'll realize that person will enjoy the feeling of winning more than I would.
lol cracks me up
Ahh the Jay Z meme is great! And yes, winning is the best!