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I just wanna say that Hoshi is my bias, just putting that out there. okay, lets do this.
Best friend: Minghao ❤ i had to reshoot this one cuz it didnt save the first time but i actually ended up getting minghao again lol
Admirer: Wonwoo!? I am a faithful Hoshi Stan, dont do this.
Crushing On: HOSHI YESSS ❤❤✔❤✔✔
First Kiss: Seungkwan... stop this. i dont need this abuse.
Boyfriend: Wonwoo???!!!?!??!! Okay fine. I guess. (this is okay, i can still be friends with Hoshi) ❤
Jealous One: Hoshi!! Boo you dont gotta be jealous ❤
Love to Hate: Mingyu. Okay, i can see that lol
Husband: Minghao! (Again, i can still be friends with Hoshi, this will work out)
This was REALLY fun! I love these kinds of things! Credit goes to @MorganElisabeth for making the game!
Lol, im sorry haha if i could switch it up so i could marry and kiss hoshi haha 😂
You married one of my ultimate 3 babes oh my~ Minghao is such a cutie! AND KISSING MY #1 BAE OMG. c;