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We always think its easy for models, celebrities, the rich and famous to love themselves. They have the money for the right food, the best trainers, and the best surgeons. They are born beautiful and everyone wants to be them.
They are the people we compare ourselves too, and the reason why our stomach, thighs, asses, and boobs just aren't good enough.
And yet, Dami Lovato, one of the most beautiful women in the industry is the perfect poster girl for self love. Struggling with mental disorders and eating disorders Demi has made it her mission to make sure all of her fans know that they are beautiful and perfect just the way they are.
No photoshop needed.
So Demi took the no make up body positivity movement to the next level.
Posing for Vanity Fair, Demi decided to do a video with no make up, no clothes and

absolutely no retouching.

And it was fantastic. Not only is she drop dead gorgeous, but girls everywhere can finally relate because Demi spent most of her life not seeing how perfect she really is.
So right now I am thankful for Demi Lovato, who reminds me every single day that no matter how afraid of the mirror you are, you can discover self love and body positivity.
You just have to open your eyes.
@ButterflyBlu wow I am sooooo jealous you got to meet her! She really is such an amazing role model for women and girls everywhere in a time when there are so few people to look up too. She is my body positivity spirit animal (well her and my girl Tess holiiday of course haha)
I <3 Demi. I have been a huge fan of HER, the person, ever since I heard her story. She was a dancer who constantly faced pressure to be smaller and better than she was. It's a daily struggle for a lot of dancers, especially if you don't have the proper support system: supportive instructors, a family that understands, a dance crew that works as a team. I've been there and I've had a lot of dancers transfer into my care who have, too. I got to meet Demi at a filming of "Dancing with the Stars" back in 2013. She is just amazing. She's so nice and supportive, too... And humble!! She went out of her way to thank all of her dancers, which I certainly appreciated. I'm glad to see her getting ever more comfortable in her own skin. It's not an easy to do.
She is amazing. I saw this a few days ago and was absolutely stunned. Perfect and courageous.
@LizArnone @nicolejb I've met a couple of celebrities here that I was disappointed by, but honestly, I try to think about what kind of day they might be having. I also try to remember that it's as exhausting for them to be "on" as it is for us. I won't approach anyone in a restaurant, etc. because I just consider that bad form. I'd be annoyed if someone was constantly interrupting my meal. For the most part, though, they've been nice people. My favorite part of meeting Demi, was pretty huge. We were standing there talking, maybe 5-6 of us, and we hear a younger girl say excuse me from behind us. We all turned and parted and there was a girl, young teens, maybe 14-15. She came forward and held out her wrists and said, "I stopped cutting because of you." That's it. Not a name or a hello, nothing. Demi hugged her and said, "thank you", huge tears in her eyes. Then, it was like she got reallllly shy because she kind of whispered, "no... thank You," and ran back behind us to whom I assume are her parents. It was super special... One of those things you never forget. That's the kind of person she is and the kind of impact she's having with kids. It's fantastic. I wish more celebrities would use their fame to make such an impact. No matter their circumstances, they all have that power.
wow that’s a really cool story @butterflyblu. I always wonder if celebrities are being this way for PR or that’s how they actually are. it’s awesome you have some experience, and I think that with celebrities that come forward with personal struggles you can really see how transparent they are being.
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