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There are so many kinds of K-dramas that it is hard to pick a favorite genre.

Let's narrow it down together, shall we?!

Action K-Dramas:

Car chases, revenge, violence, explosions, and death threats - action kdramas are non-stop and keep you on the edge of your seat...or...bed?
Check out:
- Mrs. Cop
- Healer
- Triangle
- The King's Face
- Faith
- Iris

Medical K-Dramas:

A new emergency every episode, where you have to use your head to solve the problem. You see people's lives hanging by a thread and that's what makes them so addicting.
Check out:
- Blood
- Swan
- Emergency Couple
- The Virus
- Medical Top Team

Which genre do you like more, and which dramas do you recommend?

or, which genre do you want to try?

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I like medical dramas, it teaches you a lot about being a doctor and they are almost always very exciting to watch!!
neither for me. I like light hearted romantic comedies!
I can not say that one is better than the other. They are all amazing in my mind. The plot, and the effort put into these dramas are so amazing, that I can not just say one is better than the other. Camera crew, cast, director, managers, props crew, set design crew, and all the other crews that I don't know about, but are still helping with making these dramas... I just want to thank them, even if they're not gonna see this, I still want to thank them.
Both, I'm all about Drama.
I find myself searching medical and crime drama the most.