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[OO Day 5] Check out these 10 awesome anime collections!

Hello Otakumons! Welcome to Day 5 of Otaku October! <3

Today I'll tell you about 10 awesome Vingle Anime Collections that you NEED to check out NOW! :)

1. Anime to Watch Collection

Awesome reviews of the many hidden gem anime out there! (@RosePark)

2. Must Watch Anime Collection

Quick summaries of the mainstream series of the anime world!

3. The Most Badass Women in Anime Collection

Learn about and celebrate the badass female characters in anime! (@VinMcCarthy)

4. Trivia Tuesday Collection

Join us for Anime Trivia every Tuesday and put your anime skills to the test!

5. Twisted Thursday Collection

Answer interesting anime questions that'll pick at your Otaku minds! (@RosePark)

6. Animusic Collection

Epic anime soundtracks your inner anime fangirl/fanboy! (@RosePark)

7. Anime and Manga Collection

Funny awesome cards about all things anime! Talk about Relatable! (@VinMcCarthy)

8. Cosplay Collection

Amazing cosplays from around the web! Character summaries included! (@DanRodriguez)

9. Learn Japanese with Anime Collection

Learn Japanese phrases with your favorite anime characters!

10. Learn Japanese Collection

Looking to learn the basics. learn Japanese alphabets and vocabulary with @SunnyV!

Tell us what other kinds of collections or events you would like to see in the Anime Community in the comments below!

And maybe even get started on your own collection? ^_^

Ohhh awesome I'm going to check out @SunnyV and @DanRodriguez :D
thank since I'm new these r nice to know!!!! just out um all on the list :)
just keep adding to my endless list -_- lol
O_O...........all of yours? And basically everyone's except mine cause they're just random folders I use to put cards in and has no irrelavant use?
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