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You know what it's like... sitting high on your throne in yo crib - no frontin' or nuthin... just hangin' wit cha homies - keepin' it real.
Givin' the hand - no photos - to the house paparazzi - and just enjoying your time in the sun - being king of the kitchen...
This table - that counter top. It's all the same. Because you're bad. You know it. The world knows it. You ARE the Kitchen Gangsta.
One look into your eyes and everyone knows you are not playin'. You are the baddest cat on the counter...
One look and there's no question you play for keeps. So rest those golden eyes and relax because this is your kingdom...
The one bad thing about being on top is having to stay on top. Cuz there's always another bad cat lurkin' around eyein' what you got. There's always some other cat that's badder than you...
@JonPatrickHyde oh no! Can't say I blame them.... I'm sort of the worst when I get woken up before it's time XD
They're both big goof balls really. I just caught them after some intense napping and they were slightly irritated with the "house paparazzi" that's all. LOL.
I love this!! They do look seriously tough