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The newest chapter of Fairy Tail came out today. If you are not caught up, then this will be full of spoilers... so don't read past this part.

Okay so in the last chapter the guil was in kind of a bad situation... the Alvarez troops just arrived and surprised Fairy Tail... in this chapter we get to see how they handle it. (As usual, the front page of the chapter is sexy but has nothing to do with the chapter lol)
So that was pretty intense... it looks like bad news for Fairy Tail and Fairy Heart aka Mavis right now. I don't think they'll be able to get out of this one easily... though all the dragon slayers are outside of Magnolia, so maybe they will escape and think of a plan to save the guild somehow?

What do the Fairy Tail fans think?

@sherrysahar @biancadanica98 I can't remember if you guys read the manga or not, but oh man, shit is getting real for the guild!
oh just saw this, well im not there yet so can't say none. sorry
I love Fairy Tail so much for this reason its so intense and epic
Erza-sama! *faints*
@EllieDead did you know about this XD
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