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Now that it is finally cooling down where I am, it is beginning to feel like autumn - my favorite season of the year!
Time for sweaters, warm drinks, crunchy leaves, and some awesome fall playlists.

Here's what I'm listening to - and the music videos go with the theme perfectly!

BAP - Coffee Shop

I remember when this came out and all the BAP fans went crazy. This is so different from the typical BAP style, but something about it is so right. The music video is gorgeous and was filmed in NYC, LA, and San Francisco. It makes me want to spend all day reading in a coffee shop!

Sunggyu - 60 Seconds

This is one of my favorite music videos ever - Myungsoo does an incredible job acting, the song is fantastic, and the colors in the video are stunning. I'd love to find a street covered in yellow leaves to walk down one day too.

B1A4 - Tried to Walk

My favorite B1A4 music video, ever. Baro moodily walking down the street in his turtleneck, pining over a lost love? Brilliant. This song always brings me back to the autumn/winter when I first heard it and fell in love.

EXO - What is Love?

This is such a visually stunning music video and is still one of my favorite EXO songs. This is a gorgeous ballad that gets stuck in your head immediately and the music video makes you want to bundle up in sweaters and go camping.

IU - Friday Night

IU is the queen of sweet cafe music. She makes you want to put on your comfiest cardigan and roll around the house all day, only to walk in the cool night air and find a cafe to warm up in. This track is perfect for a lazy autumn day!

Isn't autumn the best season?

Add you favorite autumn tracks/music videos in the comments below, or make your own card and tag me in it!

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Coffee Shop- BAP JongUp's voice gives me life :) What is love is amazing I have to sing along anytime it comes on. Also EXO's My Answer kind of reminds me of autumn for some reason. A bonus one : MBLAQ's Run reminds me of Halloween
2 years ago·Reply
EXO's What Is Love is that tiny trigger that made me explode all over them and search up Weekly Idol about them.
2 years ago·Reply
besidees exo's what is love, i haven't heard any of these so definitely giving them a try!
2 years ago·Reply
I like secret by Sunggi Yoon. It was in the drama My secret hotel.
2 years ago·Reply
I can't believe you guys don't have Roy Kim "When Autumn Comes" on here! Out of all the songs that celebrate Autumn. 😂
2 years ago·Reply