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Dracula Cat
Zephyr the Bengal Cat's got crowded teeth... sort of. Perhaps not crowded but they're too big for his mouth... sort of. Perhaps their not too big for his mouth because it's actually pretty massive - scary how wide he can open it. Perhaps they're just too long. Yeah. Let's go with that.
I call him "Dracula Cat" because his fangs are always hanging out of his mouth.
The kid has got some serious chompers. No doubt. That being said, good thing he's literally a big pussy cat. He's really too sweet to ever use them... on anything bigger than he is <- I had to clarify. If you are smaller - forgetaboutit.
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Actually I've had a White Russian (Albino Russian Blue) and my Siamese - both drool like faucets when you are loving on them and they get the purr motor really running strong. Zeph - he's just got massive teeth for a cat because of his Asian Leopard Cat genetics. Glad your kitty was OK after such a bad accident.
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@JonPatrickHyde oh cool! We thought it was just an odd quirk of hers! And thank you, she was honestly pretty cranky about it, but other than that she was totally fine! I ended up feeding her and spending lots of time with her while she got better so she ended up basically acting like my familiar for the rest of her life
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My female Havana Brown drools, too. It's hilarious, honestly. She could care less. :)
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Omg my friends cat drools on me when I pet her ...I thought she was just weird lol. I'm glad to know that it happens often with other cats as well.
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Wow I'm really impressed. I know dogs have a serious reputation for drooling but it sounds like cats are huge droolers too!! Haha I never would have known if I hadn't seen this card
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