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OK. Totally starting to see the trend here with Zephyr the Bengal. He's totally a laundry bully. Let me explain...
I get the laundry out of the dryer and bring it into my living room where I place it in a leather chair I have. I then fold it. No worries... unless the phone rings or there's a knock at the door. That's then the laundry bully does his thing.
I come back and BAM!!!! Laundry Bully right in the middle of my unfolded laundry. He gets this look on his face... like... don't you dare try to move me.
Now the laundry bully is like most bully's - he's big. This 20lb - 3ft long cat is a bit intimidating. But not to me. I know that if I snap my fingers loudly he'll jump down and then pout the rest of the day.
I really don't like having to snap. It's that "OK dad is not joking - line in the sand" move that I reserve for those moments when I need to pull out the big guns to bring order to the place.
So instead I try to coax him out. But he is smart to that. So he hides his eyes - hoping I'll go away.
When that doesn't work he tries to act cute for me... doing the doggy beg thing. I have NO idea where he learned this.
When that doesn't work he'll try to pull the clothes over him. Funny thing cats do... they think if they can't see you - you can't see them.
Next comes the "Huh? I was sleeping and didn't hear you." phase.
Next comes the - "I can't move because I'm dead" game.
Then there's the "look - let's just make a deal" phase...
And eventually I just give up and give in and let him sleep until he's ready to get up - totally recharged - and act like a wild-man running through the house chasing his adopted brother and sisters.
I hate doing laundry. When the clothes come out the dryer I usually just throw them on my bed. Have u ever laid on warm laundry fresh out the dryer? It's heavenly! Ur cat has all the right ideas lol.
You have such beautiful cats! You know, children learn everything that they know from their parents... :P
It's totally weird that I normally don't bond with cats, but whenever I see Zephyr specifically, I'm like AHH IT'S MY FAVORITE CAT.