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This is why EXO is in my TOP 5 kpop boy groups

nononononooooo you and @marilovexoxo are KILLING ME with the spanish song wahhhhhhhh
i started crying because this was my jam back in the 2000s and chanyeol sounds like he struggled to pronounce dueno and i just ajdkfnsnjs-fn
Yass gurl yassss,I showed this to my mom and step mom and they both loved it 😝, but they made fun of D.O for saying some things wrong lol
lol yes he does @Marilovexoxo lol ur welcome @kpopandkimchi same here I'm like awww how cute @notgucci3 yes they are reason y there in my TOP 5 fav kpop groups @JohnEvans
@JohnEvans me too! especially when chanyeol started singing I kid you not my jaw dropped so hard I thought it was gonna break , they are amazing
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