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Shoutout to Kim Kardashian for schooling us.

No, I'm not talking about how to get on video with Ray J. Of course, I'm referring to contouring. We can debate all day long, but people [makeup gurus included] were not so big on contouring until Kim made it the "it" thing in the world of beauty. Let's admit, it sure does make a huge difference and can transform any face with the proper technique.
A lot of women skip the contouring step because not only does it take time, it takes a gentle hand. You don't want to over do it, but you don't want to not do enough either. had the pleasure of asking makeup artist Jackie Seabrooke to sculpt the face of seven models. Pictures don't lie and it's safe to say contouring is the greatest technique of all time [check out the pictures below] for proof.
"I have a small and round face with patchy skin (Thanks, hyperpigmentation!), so I've always been afraid of contouring because I thought it would bring more attention to my dark spots. But after Jackie evened out my skin tone, the contouring helped give some definition to my features, making my face brighter overall.​" — Prachi
"As for me, I don't normally contour my face because I think it takes too much time and when I want to accentuate my cheekbones, I usually just use blush. But I really liked the way I looked with the contouring that Jackie did under my cheekbones and her bronzer hack was super easy to do. I've already tried it on my own!" — Carly
"I have a small face that can look really young, so when I basically had cheekbones painted on, I felt a lot more grown up, like an adult woman. That said, I ​definitely wouldn't contour my face to this extent on my own, because it felt like I was wearing a lot of makeup. But I would apply bronzer under my cheekbones to make them stand out more." — Emma
"I have a super-round face and nonexistent cheekbones so I thought there was no hope for me. But no! Contouring is basically magic. And now that Jackie's shown me how to do it, I guess that basically makes me a magician too. A magician who has no reason to go without great cheekbones." — Heeseung​
"I have a really flat face so it was crazy to see my cheekbones and jawline carved out of like, nothing. She literally drew on bone structure, which to me was crazy. Also I loved that her cheek contour #hack made it seem like I had a sassy lil smirk on all day​." — Carina
"I love experimenting with makeup when I go out, but I'm pretty intimidated by contouring so it's nothing I've ever tried before. But I really liked how it made my super-round face look, so I would maybe do this again for a big event, but definitely not for my everyday." — Mariah

Ladies, do you think contouring makes a difference?

I think personally the girl with the red hair looks better without it. the other looked better with it. I guess it's all about what look u going for and how u apply ur basic makeup in general. BUT YES I SEE THE DIFFERENCE
haha, I am obsessed with gifs. I'm glad you caught on @MichelleHolly
I like the little Sherlock you slipped in at the end
I definitely agree and I apologize for the slow response, I didn't see this notification. Contouring is definitely all about personal preference, as all makeup is @amobigbang