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Ever wonder what would happen to BTS if they were in a horror movie situation?

Well, let's find out:

1. Jungkook and Jimin:

The guys who don't have any idea what is going on and just sit around watching all the insanity happen.
And at the end they're still in the same place.

2. Suga

The one that wakes up to really strange things and just sort of stares at them until they go away.
Also probably curses a lot.

3. Jin

In his head he's the super helpful one that befriends the bad guys and saves the day.
In reality he's the first to cover his eyes and run away. He's basically useless when it comes to fighting supernatural evil.

4. Rap Mon

Rap Mon is too swag to worry about demons or ghosts or whatever is messing with his crew. He'll take them out leader-style.

5. J-Hope

He is in a constant state of mental collapse from beginning to end.

6. and then there is V...

Happy almost-Halloween ARMY!

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I am probably most like Suga. And for the record, the gif of the girl crying.... That just killed me because I just finished watching that movie, I Am Sam, in class. It's such a good, yet heartbreaking movie.
lol then there is V. I believe it. lol
I feel like that secretly is V in the gif
V ! lmao
Omg V's is the best!!