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Ok so Yuru Yuri is one of my favorite anime series I mean what's not to love about it, it's about adorable moe girls doing adorable moe things. So the episode starts different from the previous seasons it goes straight to the OP instead of starting off with the typical Akarin and Akari saying that the show is about to start so that kind of made me sad, but OP was very interesting and repeats the title a lot. When we get to the episode it shows the girls at the Amusement Club building bored so they decide to play a game called the king game which is a game where you and your friends pull straws and who ever gets the king straw get a chance to order the others to do whatever the king wants them to. Chinatsu(purple haired) has a huge crush on Yui(black hair) so she sees this as her chance to get a kiss from Yui. When Chinatsu is king she asked who number 1 is which was Kyoko (blonde) so she decided to eliminate Kyoko by giving her a crazy order leaving her and Yui as the only two playing. But her plan is thwarted because other girls decide to come play aswell so she never got to be king again the entire game.(my personal favorite part of the episode.
The next part of the episode was a short segment about Kyoko and friends in cooking class it was kinda boring in my opinion. but here you found out that Kyoko does not know how to be safe, lazy, tends to get off task, and weak(she tries to arm wrestle all the girls and loses) and Yui knows how to cook. The segment after this about Akari(pink hair and my favorite character). She's sitting on a bench and notices a girl that is too short to reach the drink she wanted, the little girl got the wrong drink so Akari bouht the drink the little girl wanted and took the one the girl bought. The drink Akari ended up with was called Masochist Cider which look like A&W rootbeer but apparently Akari did not like it by the look on her face but she drunk it anyway to not seem rude. After the drink Akari decided to rest on a bench and the girl decided to rest with her which was a cute moment in the episode, Akari was being accident prone knocking over her drink and tripping and the little girl felt sorry for Akari and gave her some candy. After waiting for Chinatsu the two left to go to Saruko's house where it was revealed that the little girl Akari met was Saruko's little sister. Thus the conclusion of the first episode of Yuru Yuri San Hai
How did I feel about this episode... I liked it minus the lack of the usually Akari starting the show, it was a typical Yuru Yuri episode with the girls doing their normal shenanigans. Are you a fan of Yuru Yuri? Did I make this too long if you have any tips or maybe want me to talk about another show that comes on this fall leave a comment I would love your feedback! :D
@Haidurr welllll I love cute so I'll have to check it out!
@hikaymm I totally recommend this show it is incredibly adorable
woahhh I actually have never heard of this before but it looks adorable XD I like this kind of intro to the show!!
I agree with @hikaymm it does look super adorable! not usually my cup of tea but I might have to check it out XD