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It's "our song" for every OTP.

No matter who you ship, no matter how long you've been a fan, these songs are going to be on every fanmix. They are the soundtrack to your long nights spent reading fanfiction and sobbing. They remind you of every slow burn, every 'pretend to be married' trope, all your feels you thought you'd recovered from. Well, you didn't.

1. Gregory & the Hawk- Boats & Birds

"If you'll be my star, I'll be your sky," brb because I am already crying.

Lifehouse- Hanging by a Moment

Let's all take a moment to remember the 90s, when fanfiction was distributed via web groups and email threads, and vidders were using this song for every single pairing.

3. Florence & The Machine- No Light, No Light

"You're my head, and you're my heart," EVERY OTP EVER.

4. The Avett Brothers- I and Love and You

The Stucky fandom really took hold of this one, but it's pretty much applicable to every New York au you've ever read.

5. REO Speedwagon- Can't fight this feeling

If you've been in fandom for a while... you remember. "It's time to steer this ship into the shore."

And here's a +1

Because every shipper knows, we are all prepared to go down with our ships.

The comments section is officially a feels support group.

I have Playlist for different ships.
these were my top shipping songs when I first started but now I like the bead making songs for ships like symptoms from shinee
@purplem00n23 Me too!!! The band The Romanovs have a song called white flag too haha it's a good song for any Black Widow ship :D
according to you and a thousand years
@CheniseLewis mmmyeah same. These are definitely the like... shipper starter kit songs XD @halfcatgirl same here! What are your ships?
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