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They come up with a new hack every single day.

You know when a certain hack just catches you totally off guard? Yeah, this happens to be one of those. I knew Coke could be used for more than just drinking, but I never thought it would be a good hair product. I guess you'll never know unless you try and according to Pinterest and model, Suki Waterhouse, it happens to do exactly what it says. Of course, I needed proof and this youtube video [seen above] of the woman rinsing her hair with the soft drink was exactly what I needed.
The whole point of this beauty hack is to work as a texturizing product that will give you that wavy textured hair that takes countless amounts of time to achieve. So of course someone who must of been extremely bored one day thought to themselves, "let me see if Coke will work instead" because Coke works for everything, right? Wrong. Well, in this case it happened to be right. After rinsing your hair with Coke, washing it as normal and blow drying it you get the exact texture that you're longing for. Sounds fairly easy. I don't think I'll be pouring soda on my hair anytime soon, but for those ladies who are daring -- give it a try. At least your hair won't gain any weight.

Ladies, would you consider trying this beauty hack?

wow!!! I'm glad you tried it out. can't wait for pics @Yuki136989
and I'll send pic when I have another day off
it work pretty well does make waves in and they last a while the texture is alil wired but I would do it again @jordanhamilton
Wao what we do for beautiful looks
I am not sure if I would try this...but you guys can let me know how that goes!
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