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When Disney acquired the rights to Star Wars, I didn't think that this is what they had in mind...
Okay, okay, I know. This isn't official or anything but it's still pretty good. I actually loved it. It couldn't stop myself from smiling the whole way through. There are a couple of moments in the fanmade mashup in particular that stick out in my mind:
- R2-D2 projecting a hologram of Pinocchio
- Aladdin's famous "Do you trust me?" line
- The use of James Earl Jones's voice in The Lion King over Darth Vader's helmet (that part gave me the best kind of chills)
But of course there are moments where it looks a little forced and silly but I think that's a part of the fun. I still loved it. If you know anyone else like me (as in, someone who has a great love for both Star Wars and Disney) this is something you have to show them.
@Luci546 but better because... STAR WARS!
this is "who framed Roger rabbit" all over again e.o
@paulisaghost Like a Disney spoof!
@kmccord95 So would I!! It'd be such a fun movie to watch... and you know, since Disney has the rights to Star Wars maybe they'll make a fun little short like this but more... you know... officially.
I'd totally see this.
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