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@FreddyAlaniz same here! I hope that they make some design choices that are different from the other films. I feel like people are already getting a little bit tired of superhero movies (not *me* lol I'll probably never be sick of them) and I feel like Strange is a great opportunity to make something a little bit genre-bending, if that makes sense? Are you into the comics at all?
@shannon15 the Doctor Strange film will be a genre-bender you're right because strange's back story and whole story involves magic which is one I want to see. yes I know what you mean about people getting a little bit tired of superhero movies,*I'm exactly the same I love seeing superheros coming to the big screen). and yes I'm into comics.
@FreddyAlaniz cool! Yeah I'm excited to see the direction they take this movie. I think by design the character is very different from everyone else in the universe. So the film would have to reflect that. And I'm hoping that they do so in a way that rejuvenates the medium if that makes sense?
@shannonl5 this character (strange) is really different than any character that has been made so far on the big screen, that's why I am also excited to see how they bring him to life. and yes what you said does makes sense, because as in a totally different character in the universe can change and rejuvenate the medium which would bring people back to watch more. I know I would watch more.
@FreddyAlaniz yeah! I think it was a good choice to add the character to the cinematic universe. Marvel has to prove that they're not just making the same movie over and over again. I mean sure, some people want that, but ultimately if they want to keep having their mass appeal they need to show off their other skills.