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So now that school has gotten through the first quarter for many of us (though I know some of you probably haven't gotten there or are long past it), I believe it's time that we all step up our studying game. With that first quarter gone we know how we're doing in classes, and which ones we need to study the most in, so here are some quick tips that might help. Tips: 1) Put on some classical music: Classical music has been shown to benefit the brain. 2) If you're allowed to chew gum during a test, chew some of the same kind whole studying: This has been proven to help you recall things. 3) If you have problems relying on your phone so much, there is a great app called Forest: Stay Focused. You plant a tree, and if you leave the app, the tree dies. 4) Use colors while taking notes and studying, black does not count. Use certain colors for certain things, this helps you remember things easier. 5) Use acronyms, poems, and songs. As strange and boring as these may seem, they actually do help you remember things that you are trying to learn.
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Very interesting. I do agree on gum part or any like for example lollipop and such. Also classical music too. I listen to the piano classical.
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