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This is a sensitive, hot button issue that has been on the minds of liberals and conservatives for sometime. It is one of those rare issues that is not defined by party lines, but rather, it's defined by choice. The right to free will .
A woman named Brittany Maynard made headlines almost one year ago today, by championing the "Right to Die" movement.
She was diagnosed with terminal cancer at age 29. She made a video chronicling her plight and why her choice to end her life should be respected.
When faced with the idea of degeneration to the point where she would end up hospitalized indefinitely, she decided she wanted to take her own life, rather than suffer. She took into account the costs, the time and the amount of round the clock care needed to sustain her as her illness would surely progress.

Maynard was unable to carry out a humane and medically respectable way to end her life, because in the state of California, the "Right to Die" is illegal.

She uprooted herself and her husband and headed to Portland, Oregon in order to carry out her wishes. The "Death With Dignity" Act protected her right to end her life.
She died November 1st of 2014 and her right to do so was called into question by politicians and morality proponents alike.

Mayor Jerry Brown of California legalized the "Aid In Dying act in California on Monday, October 5th 2015. The law protects and provides options for those who wish to die with dignity.

The protection extends to terminally ill individuals who are faced with horrific degenerative diseases. Think Lou Gehrig's / ALS, brain cancer, pancreatic cancer...those kinds of things. The diseases that force people into being dead without the relief. The bills, the care and the loss of freedom is enough to make people want to hurt themselves, just so they don't have to meet their fate as lost souls inside a broken vessel.
The "right" to die is extended to them as a legal and respected option, as I can't imagine if you were in the same situation you'd do anything differently.

The governor of California put himself in Brittany Maynard's shoes, and signed the "Aid in Dying" bill into law.

This bill has the potential to create a safer channel for those who wish to end their lives due to terminal illness.
I believe it is every person's right to end their own life. In cases like Brittany's, it is not our choice. Of course, suicide prevention on a psychological or emotional level is extremely important. I believe that everyone should live and feel like they have a purpose...but it isn't my decision whether a terminally ill person should keep on if all they're facing is a life of pain and vegetation.

I respect this law and believe it should be available to those who need its protection. It is not a political argument. It is a respect and a recognition of free will.

One of my heroes, Hunter S. Thompson killed himself in 2005 at age 67. Speculation suggests that he was getting older, not as sharp. He ended up having physical issues and he couldn't live how he wanted. His death, although more controversial, poses the same argument. He has a famous quote about suicide...assisted or not, “I would feel real trapped in this life if I didn't know I could commit suicide at any time."
What do you think?

With a sensitive issue like this...we all have to look at both sides. If it were you...what would you want to have happen? I'd want to be able to choose.

I think people should be given a choice. It's definitely not an easy decision to make and if someone has made that decision (especially under circumstances like cancer), it probably took them a lot of time, effort, and courage to do so. I'm all for it as well @TessStevens
No @AlexanderBeta thank you for your rant! I think people should be given every chance and resource to see the beautiful life that you see. And I commend you for being courageous and helping those who don't see an opportunity to reach out. I have dealt with depression and these issues in my life and I have always appreciated people like you who had the ability to help me see the beauty in things. Here...might be a different issue based on a doomed feeling of hopelessness from a terminal ililness. I think these laws protect those who have exhausted all options of a healthy and happy life. I believe that life is a gift. And everyone deserves that right Thank you!
I... I'm already having issues finding words for things. I don't like to say that I DEAL with a lot of suicidal people surrounding me, because I'm the one who goes out and finds them. Now... I've been able to help these people... see the beauty and colour in life. I don't think that there is anything wrong with suicide. I honestly don't. I font think suicide is a bad thing. However... most people who commit suicide don't ever see the true beauty in life (at least that's what I've found). Now, it's impossible to take your own life without having a lot of courage. It takes courage to shoot yourself, or even do harm to yourself. And many people I stay around don't realize that they have courage, and that they can redirect it to something else. Now... I'm fine if it's a physical condition in which recovery is almost impossible, however if it's a psychological issue, I think that they should at least seek out a bit of help. I want people to at least see the beauty of this universe we have been placed in, before they decide it best to take their own life. I think that they should at least have that chance... the chance to experience that astounding and profound feeling... As I said before. I have no objection to suicide. There is nothing morally wrong about it. However dying, without ever getting the chance to live... that is something that I don't like one bit. I'm fine with these laws being passed, even though it doesn't really affect me here in Canada. In fact, I would encourage these laws to be passed. But as I said.... people need to be given the chance to live before they choose to die. Sorry for the rant...
My opinion: it doesn't matter what kind of spin you put to it, it's still suicide.
I deffinetly think people should have the right to decide if they want to live or die. Who are we do make that choice for them? You can't possibly put yourself in their shoes and know exactly what they are going through. Like @mchlyang said, the decision isn't a rash one. No one just decides to kill themselves without weighing the pros and cons of the situation.
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