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Hello Vinglers! \(^_^)/

As part of Otaku October, The Vingle Anime Community along with Vingle is giving away:


2 winners will be chosen! Woot woot!

The event will run from October 8th to October 31st!

Winner will be announced on November 1st!

It's for realsies!

YOUR choice of ONE anime FIGURINE chosen from below!

1. Monkey D. Luffy - One Piece

2. Mikasa Ackerman - Attack on Titan

3. Ichigo Kurosaki - Bleach

4. Naruto Uzumaki - Naruto

5. Levi Ackerman - Attack on Titan

Here's how you can WIN your figurine:

>>> Comment on cards in the anime community~

How the winner is chosen:

>>> The Anime Community member with the *MOST LIKED COMMENTS* will be selected as the winner~

What you need to do:

- Make good comments on cards in the Vingle Anime community.
- Make sure you are writing good comments so that your comments get liked.
- Like other good comments that you see. If no one likes others' comments, no one wins.
Here's what a liked comment looks like:

Things to keep in mind:

- Comment spamming will NOT be tolerated. And your comments can get reported.
- Making simple comments like "lol" and "cool" might not get your comments as many likes.
- Meaningful comments will lead to most likes.
- Be sure to like good comments that you see.

Most importantly, meet new Vingle Anime friends and have fun!

Note: Since I'm conducting the event, I'm NOT participating so don't mind me as I comment along with you guys. XD Everyone else in the Vingle Anime Community can participate! :)
HERE ARE THE RULES! Be sure to check it out! :D
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"I won't run away anymore... I won't go back on my word... that is my ninja way!" -Naruto Uzumaki
2 years ago·Reply
If only there was a Fairy Tail character figurine, that's OK I love Naruto too! "I'm all fired up!" -Natsu Dragneel
2 years ago·Reply
Levi Ackerman please "Eren I hope you don't resent me now"
2 years ago·Reply
My God do I want that ichigo lol
2 years ago·Reply
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