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Im so happy the second season came out i love this anime especially the first season because you know cute vampires but now theres ware wolves and more vampires~
@JessicaDobbins i know right @PrettiEklipz most people i know and i prefer using kissanime to watch but i dont think all the episodes have been uploaded yet
I watched it last night and really like where it's going. but was disappointed when I remebered that the episodes are a very short 13 minutes each :( now I have to wait until next week to see what happens next week and it seems very very long away.
oh i just love kanato and now theres azusa aww yander love i cant wait for those two to meet 馃槏馃挄
@CCHI0692 thanks !
At first, i was confused when i first watched a couple of episodes but it really snagged me and i love it!
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