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Thank you for tagging me in this challenge @loftonc16 !
Fun fact: I don't drive. I don't like it, I'd much rather take public transit. Even though public transit is also awful. I pretty much just hate going places and doing things. BUT if I *did* drive a lot, here's five songs that would make me want to roll all the widows down and go past the speed limit (don't really do this, please drive safely everyone!).

Red in the Morning by The Gaslight Anthem

Fast Car by Taio Cruz

Pompeii by Bastille

Tribe Called Red- Angel Haze

Story of my Life- One Direction

Truth be told... I just picked the songs that I listen to when I need something to make me go running. Anyone who wants to do this challenge feel free! Tag me if you do so I don't miss it!
Awesome song choices!
@loftonc16 thank you ^_^