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I've finally had time to sit down and type this out. Unfortunately, chrome keeps crashing and I keep losing everything. They say the third time is a charm, and I hope so.
1. Muscle....Kim Jong Kook. This one was a no brainer for me. He isn't called Tiger for nothing.
2. Brains....Taecyeon. I knew I wanted Taecyeon on my team, but I wasn't sure if I wanted him here or as the co-captain. I seriously thought about Rap Monster here, but experience won out. If you didn't know it, Taecyeon is very smart also. He speaks 3 languages, and was an honor student in high school here in the USA (he also was on the chess team). He also seems to be a master of disguise. LOL
3. Scaredy Cat....JinYoung This one was difficult for me. I thought about a bunch of different idols here. I figured I'd want to feed Kwanghee to the zombies. Ilhoon was a consideration, but nah... I serious thought about Onew, but due to Onew Condition, I was afraid he'd get the whole team killed in one shot. I even thought about G-Dragon, but I've seen him in action on Running Man, so nope.
4. Secret Weapon....Minhyuk (BTOB) He is young. He is adorable, but don't underestimate him. He is very fast and athletic. He is the only one I thought of as a secret weapon.
5. Protector/Mother....Minho This one was easy too. If you have ever seen Hello Baby, you know Minho is a protector. He also takes care of the other members of SHINee on stage, especially when they get upset.
6. Co-Captain...Young Hwa I debated on this one too. I wanted someone a little older that had experience as a leader. The idols that came to mine were Siwon, Eun Hyuk, Taecyeon, T.O.P. and Nichkhun. I was trying to make it so I only used one idol from a group. Young Hwa is the leader and lead singer of CN Blue. He is called Idol Ace on Running Man, as he's one of the only ones to ever tear off Tiger's name tag (which he posted all over the internet). Some of you will know him from You're Beautiful and Heartstrings. He is smart, athletic, and has proven himself to be a respected leader.
This is my zombie survival squad....and sorry, there are so many idols I like but I wouldn't want to face zombies with them (except to outrun 'em).
Minho is definitely a protector.
Your team is SOO GOOD. :D
I love that your list has a lot of different people on it that other groups don't have!
omg MINHO yes!!!!
@KellyOConnor Thanks. There are other idols I adore but I couldn't figure out where they would go (like CNU, Nichkhun, Hongki, etc). The scaredy cat was the most difficult for me.
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