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Alright, I's like choosing between wealth and love. Actually, this might be a little harder. Mexico and Puerto Rico both have amazing snacks. I may be a bit biased to Puerto Rican food, but I can't deny the fact that Mexican snacks/food are AMAZINGGG.

Which of the two has the best snacks? Mexico or Puerto Rico?

By the way, we do have a couple of other communities:
lol its a hard choice because im Puerto Rican but love Mexican food! but I do love patelios (idk how you spell it haha) and the platano maduro fried with cheese in the middle soooo good
Lol there so different so there hard to compare , I'm Mexican so I might be biased to lol
it depends on my mood
I'm super biased, but Puerto Rico. I don't eat chile so that's probably adding to the biased since some of their snacks have chile in them
Also omg, my favorite Mexican snack lately has been Vaso Loko. It's this chain in Mexico where you put all the different snacks you like in a cup like chiccarones and corn and fruit and Cheetos and Salsaghetti and cover it with chimoy and limon and chile and things like that. It's literally a crazy cup lol.
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