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I was browsing through my favorite foodie website, Lucky Peach, when I came across this creative tip that really encourage you to play with your food - which makes for a perfectly suitable Drunk Girl DIY!
Sure, we all like hot dogs, but wouldn't we really prefer them in a ballgown?
Whip these up for a child's birthday party, a Disney movie tailgating party, or when you're wine-drunk and feeling inspired.

Here's What You'll Need:

Hot dogs
Hot dog buns
American cheese (or any other sandwich cheese of your choice)
Red onion
Romaine lettuce
Cornsilk from a shucked ear of corn
Barbecue sauce
Other condiments (as needed)
Prep Your Dog
First, you're going to boil your hot dogs. Or, I guess, you could always grill them outside, but personally, I'd be a little disturbed seeing Ariel the Little Mermaid covered in grill marks. Once they're all cooked, place them in their respective buns, and prepare to decorate!
Making Ariel
To create her shell bra, cut small slices from outermost layer of the onion and secure them onto the hot dog with mustard. Lay a leaf of romaine lettuce down across the lower half of the hot dog as Ariel's tail, affixing that with mustard as well. (You might need to trim the leaf to make it look more tail-like.)
Making Belle
Create a cheese dress with many layers of American cheese slices, affix it to the hot dog with mustard and use more mustard to create decoration.
Making Pocahontas
Cut Pocahontas' one-strap, short dress out of a slice of cheese, and use a knife to score fringe detail into the cheese. Secure the dress to the hot dog with mustard, then use more mustard for belt and strap detail. Use a piece of purple onion to create a necklace piece.
Making Rapunzel
Create a dress with layers of sliced onion and hair from cornsilk.
And Now For The Condiments!
For Ariel, give her sriracha hair, ketchup lips, and barbecue sauce eyes. For Belle, give her barbecue sauce hair, ketchup lips, and barbecue sauce eyes. For Pocahontas, barbecue sauce hair, ketchup lips, and barbecue sauce eyes, and for Rapunzel, ketchup lips and barbecue sauce eyes!

You did it!

Now pour another glass of wine and eat!

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I laughed WAY too hard at this. OMG.
@JaxomB I laughed too. It's my kind of silly.
@ButterflyBlu I don't think @mchlyang can handle lettuce on his hot dogs.
wanna try it at home xD
@Naika8888 You should!! It's super easy.