If you're trying to do Halloween as a pair this year, look no further than this post! Whether you're hitting the party circuit with your boyfriend, girlfriend or best friend, doesn't matter! What does...is your creativity!
I've been dying to dress up as Justin and Britney with someone for like...decades. Ah...maybe not this year, but my time will come!
Here are a few ideas from some famous celeb couples. Get your costume game on lock with more 31 Days of Halloween posts every day on Vingle.

Kim and Kanye went as a generic mermaid and sailor. Pretty cute though. Do what you want.

Football great Tom Brady and his model wife Giselle Bundchen dressed up as Dorothy and the Cowardly Lion, a fun idea for couples or friends.

Sofia Bush and Austin Nichols dressed up as fellow celebs Katy Perry and Russell Brand (their break-up still gets me...tear). Celebrity couples are always super fun.

Kelly Osborne and former flame Luke Worall went as an adorable, glittery version of Bacon and Eggs. This would be a good costume for a cold Halloween night. Just wear black leggings and a black long-sleeved tee for warmth.

Fergie and Josh Duhamel rocked their Halloween as Day of the Dead skeletons.

This is a costume that would look great as a group too!

Katy Perry and Shannon Woodward defined best friend goals with their adorable and on-point costumes as characters from the hit '90's cartoon Daria.

Like OMG so accurate.

Which couple costume is your fav?

day of the dead works for me
@danidee, did you see this Daria costume play? ON POINT.
lol, my best friend and I are just "supporting characters" to my son this year. All three of us and - maybe the dog - as Pokemon characters. The minion will be Ash and Rob and I are going as Team Rocket members. I might figure out how to dress the dachshund as a Pokemon, but I have to figure out which one. lol I wish I could do my German Shepherd as a Hounddoom but I don't know how she'd do with a huge crowd. She's a retired police dog. So, if someone is being stupid, I don't know how anxious she would get. (She's the best trained dog ever, but I don't want her being anxious.)
Omg, hahaah @ButterflyBlu, I was Daria for Halloween when I was a freshman in HS. Also @InPlainSight thinks I am very Daria-esque, which is the highest compliment I've received.