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Ever since we started dating people keep asking if we're related, if we're brother and sister and telling us that we look alike,but we can't see it. And we're like, "no he's/she's my wife/husband!" And they respond in shock and awe! "WHAT!!" "You can pass for brother and sister you know!" NO!!
Do you think we look alike? Do we pass for brother and sister? Come on!be honest... (I use our wedding pic to emphasise that we're NOT related...lol) @danidee(upon request) @buddyesd @jlee37 and others
no!you stop that!*covers face*
Did you know that most couples have a lot of the same facial features? Don't believe me look it up.
@TerrecaRiley It's not a bad thing! It's cute! You look good together! 😙
Yes deffinetly! lol. But they say when u spend alot of time with someone you start to look like them so I guess it's not a bad thing. 😉
I agree with everyone else in here. You two match! It's a good thing. :)
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