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Yale university just released over 170,000 photos of the United States in the Great Depression. This interactive catalog shows images from all over the country. You can search by state, and home town.
So if you're from say...Cuyahoga County, Ohio you can look at your location and see photos from that era. How cool is that? Here are some of the most stunning images.

Men sleeping on the streets waiting for a job opportunity in San Francisco.

People lost their homes in the Depression due to the great stock market crash. This forced people to live in the streets.

A little boy sits near a cage of cats on a city street.

Kids were hit hard as most of their parents lost their jobs. Things were lean, and food had to be found in creative ways. Money was made by a lot of kids who trapped and sold stray cats to the wealthier people in major cities.

A man poses with his child in the West.

This is another portrait that displays the masked sorrow of the depression. How hard it must have been to support your family without any opportunity to work.

Two men box.

A woman in Cleveland checks slabs of steel to be shipped to other parts of the United States.

Women who had previously not worked ended up taking jobs wherever they could, and in the depression era, steel mills boomed in the mid-west.

A woman and her two children near the dust bowl.

The photos are all available for free from Yale University's archives and can be seen here.
this was sad. people now or days take things for granted.
never forget where it all started
Totally interesting! I鈥檓 such a big history nerd, and this really put things in perspective
Oh wow this is really interesting. I am going to check my hometown
What do you think of these @JonPatrickHyde ? Thought you'd like em.
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