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UFC fighter Ronda Rousey has done a lot of great things this year and just recently she just made history!
Rousey is the first woman to be featured on Australia's Men's Fitness Cover. She publicly thanked Men's Fitness on Instagram by also sharing the magazine's cover. The Hardcore Fight Special features the cover lines "How Ronda Rousey Will Make You Tougher" and "Think You're Tough?"

She's tough, talented, and a total bad ass!

Yay for more awesome ladies making history!
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@nicolejb Nah shes a UFC fighter which makes her even more badass!
ohhh woah. that DOES make her super badass @mchlyang I wonder if they will continue with this and have more women on the cover
I really hope so! @nicolejb
god damn I love Ronda so much
I love Ronda, but why on MENS FITNESS? It's for men. Even though she's tougher than most men, she isn't one