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It's not easy for me to think positive. Sometimes it's nearly impossible. What is possible is my ability to fake it till I make it.
Here is a lovely cheat sheet I threw together to help you do the same. Because if you can't join 'em, try as hard as you can!

**Stay around positive energy, the company you keep will rub off on you

**Watch a happy or funny movie or TV show when you're feeling really down, it will instantly boost your mood

**Surround yourself with your favorite colors. Yellow is an instant mood booster.

**Do something nice for others, which will in turn make you do something nice for yourself.

**Arbitrarily retrain your thoughts. Every time you think "bad" or "wrong" just switch around to "It'll get better" and "things aren't as bad as I think." It may feel a little forced at first, but after a while it'll get better.

** Surround yourself with positive things. This could mean things that make you happy, quotes, relics...whatever. Make sure your environment reflects you.

**Go on a small shopping spree. Give yourself a budget of like...100 dollars to transform your space in a small way. Buy a new bed-spread or another item that will make an impact. A little change can do you good.

**Fresh flowers of any kind can refresh your space. By giving your space some more natural elements, you'll be able to breathe more positivity into your life.

** Look into some positive accounts to follow on social media. Join a self-improvement community (like VIngle's!) and create an inspirational environment to look into.

**Find others who are working on the same things as you, this will give you more motivation to stick with your goals.

**Search online for tips and tricks to help you get more positive. It may sound cliche, but it works.

**Make time for yourself to look into these things. It's like studying positivity on your own time. Just do it!

Would you like another cheat sheet? Suggest a topic below and share with your friends who need a little boost. You can use facebook, twitter, tumblr and google plus on the side bar :)