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(I apologize for my voice over... I have a stuffy noise so my voice sounds really strange while I tell the story...)
Haesingdang Park is located in Samcheok, on the East coast of South Korea in Gangwon province.
This park is famously known as "Penis Park" by foreigners. There are 2 stories about this park. In English, the story goes that a virgin girl was set on some rocks by her fisherman lover while he was working. The tide rose quickly, and she ended up drowning.
The translated Korean version is that this virgin girl had a lover who went off to war. While away at war, he was killed in action. The virgin girl was so sad about the news she committed suicide in the ocean. Not too long after, the local fishermen noticed they weren't catching a lot of fish.
For some reason, some fisherman masturbated into the ocean (don't ask me why)... and after doing so, the fishermen in the village noticed they were catching a lot of fish! So they came up with the idea that they were ejaculating into the ocean to appease the spirit of the virgin girl.
They "erected" this penis park to make her virgin spirit happy, so they can catch plenty of fish.
And that, my friends, is the story behind Haesingdang Park.
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