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Lady Gaga is an individual. Her inspiring words and messages to her fans known as "little monsters" have inspired people all over the world to embrace themselves. I am a HUGE fan of Lady Gaga and have been comforted by her extremely honest and candid philosophy of self-love and acceptance.
She gives so many people the permission they crave to be themselves. It's the best thing you can do! Here are 5 quotes that may give you that permission too. Because Gaga is always herself...and that's awesome.
Most of the time I conceal myself because I think people will judge me, or think I'm a fucking weirdo. But that's not the point of life. If we life under the assumption that everything we do and everything we are is in an attempt to win or be accepted, then we're not really living are we? This quote means a lot to me...because often at times I am my own worst enemy. Just because we're hard on ourselves, doesn't mean we're not good people you know?
One of the main reasons we act differently than we feel, is because other people tell us we have to. Gaga never lets anyone tell her how to be or who to be. She is true to how she feels. And that's so important in a world where lots of people compromise their morals and beliefs in order to gain fame. Gaga proved that being yourself can be just as amazing. Her fame came because of her individuality and talent, not some superficial persona.
We can't be happy if we don't love ourselves. It may not happen today or tomorrow, but eventually we will wake up and be content. If we work hard enough and try our best to be genuine. Anything can happen. So many more doors open when we're able to accept who we are and what we want. It's not an easy process, so go easy on yourself...but try to believe.
Most of the time our physical features hold us back from being ourselves and loving ourselves. I for one constantly feel like I'm running 10 steps behind society. As my look isn't conventionally viewed as mainstream beauty. I often figure that putting on a surplus of makeup will fix things. And you know what...that makeup empowered me to be myself. It became an extension of myself. And it enabled me embrace more of what makes me an individual. Society and others don't define our beauty. And though Gaga uses makeup in the same way I do...she advocates for people to express themselves however they want to! And that's the best part.
We have to be strong. Our unique attributes and interesting quirks make us individuals. It's a beautiful thing, when people can join together through the commonality of being human without losing what makes us individuals. That, to me, is true harmony. When we're all fee to be ourselves and to shine in our own ways, we can create a better world for everyone.

It doesn't matter what you look like, what you're into, or how you act. As long as you're not hurting yourself or others, you should be free to make your own path.

Often times fear overtakes us and makes it impossible for us to shine in our own light. But it is possible. Once we get over that fear, we can do amazing things. And Lady Gaga is living proof of that!

So be fearless! Be yourself!

You were born this way after all!
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I learned many things from gaga.