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The purrfect mashup to end your evening!

My apologies, the pun was irresistible. We all know that Natasha's patronus would probably be something murderous, like a dragon, or a really venomous snake. BUT it is kind of fun to imagine what she'd be like as... well. Something more cuddly.

Cuddly! Not ferocious!

Eeek! I didn't mean to scare you, kitty Natasha. I love you!

Fair enough.

If she was a puppy, I'd say that's ruff.

And currently, she's a kitty in a tub.

Can you find her?

Let me know which character you'd like to see next!
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wait!I change my answer.Poison Ivy
@TerrecaRiley lol hahaha
Shouldn't she be a Russian Blue?! Hehehe
@TerrecaRiley @shannonl5 Yes! Poison Ivy <3 Huge crush haha