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the entire time i was updating, i kept coughing and sneezing making me live up to my nickname. sneeza, i do not permit anyone to call me that. anyway i got sick on the weekend. like wtf and then i found this blog, i was doing research on what a certain artist hates and then this anti kpop blog came up and i read it and i was so pissed, i forgot about my sore throat and constant sneezing, and the fact that i had to update. okay , i admit, im not a huge sone, blackjack or VIP but i couldnt help but defend kpop. i wrote "you really make me laugh. i think your the delusional one here. i may not be a big VIP or SONE or BLACK JACK but once you've insulted kpop its like you've insulted every single one of us. im going to tell you this now, your version of "Gay" and their version of "gay" is totally different so unless you live in Korea or anywhere in Asia, you cant says shit about them. and why would you know any of this about GD? are you sure your not a fan on the inside? im warning you, kpop fans as a whole and even alone are scary. you offend one us, you offend all of us. you need to grow up. so what. u hate kpop? great more for me. you hate kpop? great i dont give a shit. cuz u know what? your a nobody. thats what. and dont even get me started, can you do anything they've ever done? can you top the music charts in Japan, Korea, China, Philippians, Malaysia and most of Europe? no? thought so. can you learn atleast three different languages and be able to preform a song in them? no? i thought so Can you ever imagine any of the pain they go through, or any of the stress they have and yet still be able to put a smile on their face? no. you'd break down and cry. and Kpop doesnt need to be big in America. it already is. i dont care what people say, i know many many many people who like kpop. grow up. like seriously. and do us all a favor, before posting stuff like this or creating such a blog, think twice. Also, search up the lyrics of kpop songs, they have much more meaning that american shit. im serious. i listened to american music but i never really liked it cuz all it was about was sex. At-least kpop has meaning." i really liked the "atleast kpop has meaning" part lol haha im just like ah i dont care anymore, these kinds of people will never go away. what really pissed me off was that they said everything like they knew the entire background. i was so furious its only related to suju because of the pics i used its related to 2ne1, bigbang and snsd because they basically wrote the entire blog insulting them. would you be able to stand it?
Im Aneeza, from the U.S =) our school starts at 7:30, we have to be in class and seated by then
@aneezaful... I know what you mean by the other ones, but having the alarm as my phone is cool, only thing is, can't hit it when I'm mad for getting woken up -_- Oh the injustice of this world. Anyways, at least you had that, my school is not even like that, we have to get to school by 8:30 which is alright, if you're like basically next or near it, but when you live like 20 minutes away, it aint good to be late -_- aish. Oh and hi, I'm relina (sorry for the bad intro), I'm from New Zealand, where you from???
@relinashinee i dont like those other alarm clocks so i also use my phone, omg waking up at like 6 in the morning is suchhh a pain TT.TT i hate it so much, our school just had a graduation for the seniors so we got to school 3 hours late (i didnt go) and then all day, all we did was litteraly play games and talk XD but i liked that 3 hour late thing cuz the entire day i was 'alive' XD
@aneezaful lol.. what's even worse is that the alarm, is on my phone -_-
@relinashinee lol im in the same situation as u XD
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