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I'm obsessed with Mexican candies, and I have been ever since my parents took me to my first dulcería when I was a little kid. Mexican dulces are salty, sweet, sour, creamy, even spicy at times, and there's definitely a few different kinds that get me feeling a little nostalgic.

Below are some of my all-time favorite dulces. Did I list some of your favorites too, or do you have a favorite Mexican candy that didn't make the list?

Let me knowwww!


Chile-coated Tamarindo 'Noodles' with Chimoy Sauce
I know you're not supposed to play with your food, but with Salsaghetti, you pretty much have to. You lay the noodles in the tray, cover it with a packet of spicy-sweet chimoy, and eat it with your fingers because who needs a fork?


Creamy Frostings in Vanilla, Hazelnut, or Strawberry
Duvalín is the ultimate throwback food. It's basically like shoveling straight Nutella into your mouth, but they portion it out, so it's totally shameless. Most of them only come with two flavors in a package, but sometimes you find that 'Tri Sabor' aka badass three flavor one.

Pelon Pelo Rico

Tamarindo Paste 'Pelo'
Pelon Pelo Rico is easily my favorite. I love sour-salty-sweet tamarindo, and Pelo Rico is a step up from other tamarindo candies because it's fun to eat and comes out of the top like hair. (Plus you can put the cap on and stash it in your backpack to eat the rest after school.)

De La Rosa Mazapan

Peanut Marzipan
De La Rosa mazapan is kind of a jerk, but the most delicious jerk. You can't really eat it without having it crumble everywhere, but it's so good and peanut buttery that even if you've crumbled one all over yourself, you'll still go and eat a second.

Vero Mango

Chile-Covered Mango Lollipop
Vero Mango is like the candy version of putting Tajín on fresh mango slices. I remember the first time I saw this (or the sandía version), I thought it was kind of nasty because I wasn't really a fan of chile, but now I'm obsessed with all things chile and fruity.


Goat's Milk Caramel
Cajeta is probably the most traditional candy on this list. It's made by simmering goat's milk and sugar into a caramel and made into paletas, obleas, and conos. When I was in Mexico last, I even got to have café con cajeta, which was AMAZING (but also amazingly sweet).
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@danidee well they are sour gummies raspberry and blackberry flavor sooooo deliciously good, I wish I could post a picture... is there a way to do that?
You can make a new card about it! And then you can post it in Latino Food and Latino Culture communities so everyone can see! :D
I'm totally gonna do it!!!
@NelyJoss Yayyy, tag me!