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Alright Vingle Anime Fam! Otakus, Brotakus, and everyone in between.

Seeing how well the last VS card went, sparking heated comments rallying for both sides of the matchup, I thought it only prudent to continue the concept with another two majorly iconic characters.
So it's another round of VS fighting. Who do you think would win between...

Roronoa Zoro and Kenpachi Zaraki

In the Green corner (haha) we have Roronoa Zoro

Committed to being the world's greatest swordsman, Zoro developed his own three-sword fighting style
He has nigh-insurpassable strength, able to cut through huge objects and enemies with little to no effort, even managing to fight easily against Fishmen under water.
Even without his swords, he has awe-inspiring strength and power with just his bare hands, so he is a formidable opponent whether he is armed or not.

In the Blood-Red corner, we have Kenpachi Zaraki

Zaraki is the most bloody-thirsty member of the Gotei 13, and captain of the 11th division, the most violent division.
He is outlandishly powerful, with soul pressure that is comparable to Ichigo's at one point, all without even having the ability to use his Bankai.
His zanpakuto is constantly in it's released shikai state, though only once he learned it's name, it became the monstrosity seen above.
So Vingle Anime family

Round Deux!

Who do you pick? Comment your answer!

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so I'd call it a draw.
I think Zoro would take it those haki black blades are unbreakable and his techniques are better it would be a bloodbath but I'd give it to Zoro
I would say Zoro....
Zoro may be human but he has a lot of abilities. He can use Haki, all types of haki matter of a fact. Once Zoro masters his awakening, I think he will be unstoppable. Kenpachi is strong and he did learn Bankai in the manga. But we all know Kenpachi is not the brightest. Zoro is strong and he's smart.
Zoro hands down