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In a series of magazine releases on Flickr, NASA showcased some pretty sweet high resolution images from iconic Apollo missions.

And this wasn’t just any sort’ve project. This NASA project took almost 15 years to restore these images. But man are they worth the wait...

These images were taken by astronauts using chest-mounted Hasselblad cameras. They were taken of all the Apollo Missions, and even included the historic Apollo 13 mission.

In this case of journalism and photo editing, I believe there can be value in restoring historic images for preservation.

I’m probably not the only one in this... @JonPatrickHyde @InPlainSight @ButterflyBlu @jibarito @Krazypoet I think this is a good case of using photo editing for journalism (compared to BBCs lack of journalism integrity).
Because I think in this case, it’s a pretty rad lens into our history...
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There is a HUGE difference between restoration and altering a photo. My mom and dad had a huge box of photos from family members across generations. They were all just wasting away. I had a friend in my classes teach me a Lot about what to do with them. Now, realize, that was before everyone had a scanner and a million photo editors. It's very important to protect and preserve a log of our past.
Totally! Seems like you were a mini historian for your family @ButterflyBlu! Imagine the families of these astronauts. they are probably freaking out! haha
@nicolejb true, it does take a while, I would be interested to see if they had a video of how some of the work went down
Totally @TessStevens! I saw your card and thought the exact same thing! So much cool photography this week.
Yeah, same! it would be really cool to see a documentary come out about this process @jibarito!