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The NSA is getting smarter, developing new techniques to really track what you are doing. And according to Edward Snowden, they’ve developed a new technology that can hack into your phone by just sending a text message. These texts have special tools. These tools are part of a set called the “Smurf Suite.”
What do the tools do? Well, “Dreamy Smurf” tool lets the phone be powered on and off, and “Nosey Smurf” lets spies turn the microphone on and listen in on users, even if the phone itself is turned off.
So you could be talking to a friend about ANYTHING. And the NCA could be listening.

Think you would notice? The NSA has technology to make sure you can’t detect it either.

It’s called “Paranoid Smurf” and it essentially hides the fact that it has taken control of the phone. So when you take in your phone to be check on, nothing will be detected.
Ok, how freaky is that? As hacking technology can be easy THAT EASY. And it’s legal for our government to do.
Promopting on last week’s discussion on cybersecurity, I thought this was an interesting discussion, so for all those that have participated in the news community...

Do you think these are necessary tools to fight terrorists? Or just a crazy way to invade our privacy?

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exactly! it’s like they are assuming we are criminals, and treating us that way @smnthcarter773. instead of focusing on those that might be clear and actual threats to our nations.
@RobertMarsh exactly! I live the exact same way. If you don't want people seeing something on your phone or computer then just don't put it on there...
it definitely reduces stress doesn't it, @lovelikematoi
It’s hard thought because so much of my communication is on my phone! My parents live so far away so I feel like I shouldn’t worry whatever I send them! @RobertMarsh