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OHAIYO!!! today I am feeling quite happy and positive so I want to share that with all of my lovely anime friends and family and how do I do that you may ask? well I'm giving away a few 48 hour premium guest pass from crunchyroll .
What is crunchyroll? crunchyroll is where you can get the latest anime as soon as it is released (and manga for my manga lovers) . I know there are more but I have already became so familiar with crunchyroll that I stuck it out with them for the years! I feel crunchy roll has a very wide selection and my friends would probably like to try it out so why not empty out my code box and make some people happy at the same time
all you have to is comment or message me and it shall be yours sorry if you ask and it's to late but I do get these quite frequently so none to worry I will let you know when I get more :}
hope I made someone happy today ! see ya
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Is it possible to watch all of SAO season two, in 48 hours? *starts researching*
Little hint: Check it ^~^ free anime without a membership <3 I use it all the time
@AlexanderBeta check
@AlexanderBeta no problem c: