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lol finally, but i really do wish they would have made it more personal for fans because thats what we look foward too but hey they are still amazing!
(sorry they are my favorite... so I didn't have youngjae or yugeom ) BUT if you haven't heard yet, out amazing boys WON FIRST PLACE FOR "If you do" ON SBS soooo my point. we need to make sure they win the MCD! GO VOTE NOW! ♡
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yeah they are just getting better and better ヽ(´▽`)/ don't know how perfection is getting better but they are doing it! @CCHI0692
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Question: how do I add gifs XD
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the same way you would add a picture so you would have to have the GIF saved to your which everything device you are using, hope this helps 😄 @jeppblackmen
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It doesn't work XD I know I have a gif but when I post is it doesn't move just stays there
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really? then I wouldn't know... it's supposed to move lmao @jeppblackmen
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