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"Distance is just a test to see how far love can travel."

Weekly dates and kisses goodnight have turned into threads full of heartfelt texts and FaceTime calls that last hours. Long distance relationships aren't for the faint of heart or those who lack both patience and communication. It takes two very strong individuals to withstand the daily struggles of something that has the potential of being beautiful. If you're contemplating a LDR you can check out my card [see here] for a bit of helpful advice.
LDR's can be twice as beautiful as they can be hard. You have to look past the distance and time apart to focus on the positive aspect of the situation. You have to be able to ride the rocky roads to make it to flat land. If you've ever been in a LDR or you are currently in one than you know how things can get. Your emotions will be all over the place [see emotional stages below]. It's normal to feel this way, but just remember it takes two to tango -- not just one.


It's expected. It's one of the negatives that come with a bunch of positives. The idea of being alone, but not exactly doing this on your own can be challenging. Just remember, it won't always be this way and when it comes to love -- distance means absolutely nothing. If you truly want this, make it work.


You'll get bored. Not with the relationship, but with the thought of having to do things on your own -- always. Try your best to compromise and make time to visit one another. It helps. Use means of technology and keep things afloat through daily video calls. Too much boredom can lead to disappointment and we all know what disappointment leads to.


You're constantly anticipating that text, that call or that video from your distant lover. Don't let your life slip you by. Go out and live. I know it's easier said than done, but if they truly care -- they will make time. You don't have to worry about a thing.


You begin to doubt the idea of this even working. Communication is subpar and you feel like you're putting more in than you're getting back. You consider falling back, but you realize your heart is too deeply involved. Why must you fall so easy every single time? This time is different though, right?


It might be difficult, but nothing worth having comes easy. You play your part to the best of your ability and just hope that your distant lover will follow through. You have high hopes for this relationship. Only time will tell.

Have a little faith.

It will all work out for the best.
Yes. Faith is indeed the most important aspect in a long distance relationship!
most definitely. with a little bit of faith, things will work out for the best @mchlyang