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Here's a fun way to go trick-or-treating this year--with a Spooky Clutch!
I was just at Hobby Lobby looking at these cute wooden boxes too! That's what you're going to need for this cute Spooky Clutch idea. In fact, you will need two of them.

Supplies Needed:

two unfinished wood boxes
black paint
leather pieces
3″ googly eyes
You’ll also need a glue gun
1. Remove the hinges and latches keeping the boxes together.
This project ONLY uses the "tops" of the boxes. You can save the bottom pieces for another project.
Paint the wooden "tops" black and let dry.
Screw in the hinges and latches to the "tops."
You can find 3" googly eyes just about anywhere. Glue these into place on the front.
Make a strip of glue on the inside for the leather pieces.
Add the leather, as this is going to determine the opening width for the clutch.
Make sure you have a cool costume to go with this! It's super cute, a lot of fun, and will be worth sharing on social media!