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Don't be afraid to go slow in the relationship go at the pace you feel comfortable at.

*sorry I don't kiss on the first date* *let's take it slow and see where it goes*

Be cute be you.

*look I'm cute* * this is why you like me Cause I do cute stuff like this that makes you smile*

If you get into a little bickering don't worry there's bumps in the road for everyone talk it over and work things out.

*but ...* *I'm sorry I didn't understand you*

Remind the person that you care whether it's a boy or girl remember being reminded that the one you like genuinely cares means a lot.

* hey I like you silly* *miss you wanna kiss you*

Don't be afraid to eat what you wanna eat in front of the person your with. After all guys like that a girl can eat just obviously don't be gross about it like you know mouth close etc.

*I like corn dogs so what* * I'm a girl but yes I do eat*

Always be down to try new things. Make sure the person feels like each date with you can be spontaneous.

*let's go ice skating* *let's go to laser tag*

*how about karaoke*

Dating will never get easy you'll have your ups and downs. But if with the right person you'll be happy and they as well.

Thanks for the advice @YvonJerzak...and L too I guess XD
@wllmvns no problem lol