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For all yall veterans in the A.R.M.Y you may have seen this. But I'm a newbie and I'm trying to get to know BTS as well as I know my favorite bands like BB and EXO. I want to know BTS like the back of my hand like I know my other favorite bands. So I'm kpop BTS studying. I'm loving these videos.
So I guess Rap Monster, Suga, and Jin are the worst dancers. My heart ached for the especially baby can't dance but he can rap. These three were not confident during this. I felt bad for them.
The ending was too funny... "I feel something dangling" ctfu
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U r welcome 😉 ✌ @ChaYoonAh
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@chayoonah bangtantv and Bangtan Subs are both really good sources, and geniusyub uploads a bunch of interviews and just BTS videos in general :)
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thank you @veentea
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