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Of course just scrolling through YouTube for new videos I came across 'Miracles in December'.. this video definitely ran chills through my body and gave me goose bumps.. being in band and having my sisters sing I know when it is absolutely wonderfully great when I see goose bumps run along my arm..
After listening to it I just had to find what the lyrics were and why it made me so sad..
When I found them I wanted to cry so much.. the words were so beautiful and to have Baekhyun, Chen, and D.O. sing put it together perfectly..
Come December, this is definitely going to be repeated on my playlist.
I just recently discovered this song, and oh my gosh, I've fallen in love. I'm not even a big EXO fan but I love this song so much. Both versions are great, but I actually like the Chinese version more...Maybe because I really like Luhan's voice? Haha! Bottom line is, this song gives me a lot of feels.
@LikeABird I completely understand Lol I love luhans voice too! it was just my first impression of hearing the song for the first time (: