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so does anyone agree that bell is weak?
@jordanhayworth Is is Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon (and it's great. the title is also misleading)
what is this anime?
@luckywin What do you mean "still"? He is rising faster than anyone else. He only just began? And maxed out? From episode one he does nothing but get faster, stronger, and smarter. Like, you're comparing a character that just began their journey to people that have been going for awhile and have made a name for themselves, and even on that note, he has saved their asses and they've been impressed/shocked by his skills. So I dunno where your statements are coming from. Literally the whole show is focused on how strong he is getting and how he will surpass everyone.
lol he has the most op power but compare to everyone else hes still just lv. 2 and already maxed out
Doesn't Bell have like, the most OP powers of all and save the day multiple times? Bell is my baby. Where did you get the idea that he is weak? Unless this is a troll post.
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