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This is one of the more dramatic bridal bouquets that I have seen (and shared on Vingle) in a while. Be sure to comment below on your thoughts about this style of floristry; your comments are great feedback!
What I love about this bouquet is that the more you look at it, the more you see. It doesn't hit you over the head immediately. That nuanced approach to drama is something that takes talent!
This bouquet features a creamy white and green color palette with gold. Seems simple and classy enough. Nothing outrageous thrown in. What takes this to the next level, however, are the size of the gold sprayed leaves and the sweep of the draped amaranthus. By using simple easy to recognize florals, in a muted color palette, it allows you to add some drama by including elements that are larger than what would normally be seen. You wouldn't want it to be in a shocking color, say fuchsia, because the color is dramatic enough. Don't overwhelm the design with shock-value; make it stunning!
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